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Orlando Roof repair specialists. Outstanding local Orlando Roofing reputation with five star Orlando roofing contractor reviews. We fix and repair all types of Orlando roofing leaks. We repair Orlando shingle roofs. Tile roof Repairs. Flat rubber tar and gravel roofs repaired. Orlando Skylights repaired or replaced with new. Chimney flashing repaired and leaks found and stopped. Orlando Roofing contractor reviews all work and guarantees your complete satisfaction. Roofing replacement cost and roof repair costs are lower than you think. Let your Local Orlando roofing company review you roof find out what needs to be done and clearly explain a solution and fair price to do the work. Call us on 407-774-0940.

Shingle Roofing

Orlando shingle roof repairs can be as simple as a misplaced roof nail or loose shingle. Our vast experience means we can quickly locate your Orlando roof leak. This can be accomplished with a roof inspection of either the roof or attic to determine the extent of the roof leak. We can give you a honest professional assessment of what needs to be done to prevent further damage.to your home or business. We can replace roof decking or bad wood if needed install and match roof colors of the existing roof and all our work is completed on time with no hassles. Call us on 407-774-0940 and talk to your local Orlando shingle roofing contractor.

Tile Roofing

Orlando Tile roofing repairs. Some of the most iconic buildings in the world have Tile roofs on the the tiles can go back hundreds of years. Most of the tile roofing in Orlando isn’t very old and more that any other popular roofing system in Orlando the workmanship of the installation is critical to the long life performance of the roof. Orlando Roofing has experience in all types of Tile roofing and can repair your roof quickly and because we simply know what we are doing we can normally complete the roof repair for less cost than most other roof tile repair contractors. Orlando tile roofing repair can be a couple of loose tiles, to a whole new roof. We can blend and color match all types of roof tiles we have the experience to locate the tiles that are on your roof. There are a range of roof tiles and a total of around 240 different colors of roof tile.​​​concrete , clay, glazed . flat , Spanish, and s shape are just a few of the tile profiles available.

Most tile roofing company’s simply do not have the experience and knowledge of tile roofs. Over the years you wouldn’t believe the repairs and shoddy work we have seen passed off as good we will simply give you a accurate assessment of the problem and what needs to done to get the tile roof repair solved.

What we do

  • Shingle and roof repair and replacement
  • Flat roof leak detection repair and replacement
  • Metal roof repair and new installation
  • Tile leak repair and replacement
  • Chimney repair
  • Damaged replacement of wood
  • Skylight leaks and repairs
  • Attic ventilation expansion and repair
  • All types of roofing

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